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Our Approach

Our approach is rooted deeply in strong parent communication, respecting individuals interests, removing and or reducing barriers to learning and utilizing children's strengths to teach them new skills. At onset of services we determine the child's interests and enter into their world to develop rapport and establish a strong relationship. We then begin to work on skills that are barriers to therapy in many cases these are simple things like following directions, accepting no, stop, wait and other attending and listening skills. Once these skills are consistently being followed and targeted we then discuss your future goals for your child. This is an important step as we determine the path of therapy. For some families they want their child to attend school, for others it may be generalizing the barrier skills to all environments, or to be able to bring their child to events or to the park without worry, or interact appropriately with siblings. In approaching therapy this way we can  accomplish big tasks into small phases and steps for the utmost success and generalization of skills. Contact us to schedule your behavior consultation today!

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