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Child In Speech Therapy

School Consultation and Support Services

  • Consultation on best placement that will match your child's strengths.  

  • IEP/Program Review 

  • Direct Therapy by Highly Qualified Individuals who get results in the classroom setting.

  • Teacher Support and Training 

  • Data driven programs to fade out support.

Specialized Services

Specialized Services are provided for a short duration with a focus on specific skills being adressed.

  • Toilet Training  

  • Navigating an airport and flying in an airplane.(Domestic and International)

  • Dining Out

  • Going into others homes

And many more....Visit our chat to see if we can help with your specialized requests. 

Relocation Services (Within the continental US)

Let us take the stress out of finding new providers! Moving can be a very difficult task in itself and finding the right providers in the area you are moving for your children can be a google search nightmare. If you are moving locally (a few hours away) or long distance (state to state) the quality of services can vary widely.

Using our extensive experience we will help match the right providers that fit your family needs including speech, occupational therapy, school districts, nannies, and ABA providers.

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